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Boy, if only there were some kind of way to determine where Brad Keselowski was on the track at any given time. Something like a large floating arrow … Anyway, have fun with this one, folks. High degree of difficulty after our recent easy pink Kyle one.

After the jump, the easy pink Kyle one.

Dick Smothers:
The funny thing is not the ridiculous firesuits that Kyle’s team is
wearing, but that is sporting a picture of Carl Edwards on his car.

With full apologies to the guys of Monty Python:
I’m a driver, and I’m okay.
I’ll work all night and I slept all day.
I’ll drive my laps. I eat my lunch.
I sit down in the lavatory.
When “Sam” wants to, I take her out
for nice things and drink tea.
I’ll drive my laps. I skip and jump.
I like to doodle flowers.
I put on women’s clothing
And hang around in bars.
I’ll drive my laps. I’d wear her heels,
But don’t you fret
This is just the start of a deal
With Victoria’s Secret.

Nathan B:
Crew chief: “Who doesn’t love love? I don’t FREAKIN’ love love, you jackholes!”

And everybody back away from frank very slowly:
That freakin KRY-BABY-KYLE-PUSS even his tears are PINK when he KRY’S
bogger eaten moroon. gu gu ga ga freak of nature
hahahahhahahahahaahahahaha loser

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PostHeaderIcon Mark Webber deals severe blow to Lewis Hamilton’s F1 title hopes

Maybe Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton decided to one up Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick? Ah, who are we kidding. They probably don’t even watch NASCAR.

While Harvick and Hamlin made contact in practice, Webber and Hamilton — the drivers running 1-2 in the F1 points standings — made contact in the race. And it cost Hamilton dearly.

Going into Singapore, Webber and Hamilton were separated by five points. Webber’s already been in the middle of some controversy this season for an incident involving front wings with his teammate Sebastian Vettel and also went airborne at Valencia. You probably know Hamilton more for his girlfriend (the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger) even though he may be the most popular driver in the world. (Yes, believe it or not, it’s not Dale Earnhardt Jr.)

(As an aside, if you watch one F1 race all year, Singapore is definitely on the short list. The race is run downtown at night and it’s absolutely stunning. It’s basically the Monaco race run eight hours later in the day and minus the incredible wealth)

After a pit stop, Hamilton had run down Webber and made a move to the outside entering turn 7 when Webber was held up by a lapped car. As Hamilton moved to clear Webber, Webber held his line and Webber’s right front popped Hamilton’s left rear in the apex of the corner.

Somewhat miraculously, the shot was clean enough for Webber that he was able to continue without damage but it broke the suspension on Hamilton’s car, knocking him out of the race.

From our friends at Eurosport:

"I saw Mark made a mistake and got caught up with a backmarker so I was in a position to slipstream him … going into turn seven," said Hamilton, who won in Singapore last year.

"I thought I was enough past him, I couldn’t see him and turned in and tried to leave enough room on the inside and the next thing I know I got hit.

"I think it’s a racing incident. I came out a bit unfortunate but that’s racing."

In the last race, the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton had to retire after an incident in turn 1.

Webber, the points leader, finished third and by virtue of the incident, extended his points lead over Hamilton to 20. Race winner Fernando Alonso leapfrogged Hamilton in the points standings and is now second, 11 points behind Webber.

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PostHeaderIcon The King gets his Crown: The Dover 200 Review

Keeping An eye On The Flag From Start To Finish<br />
DOVER, DE - SEPTEMBER 25: Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 NOS Toyota, celebrates on the track after winning the NASCAR Nationwide Series Dover 200 at Dover International Speedway on September 25, 2010 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Keeping An eye On The Flag From Start To Finish
DOVER, DE – SEPTEMBER 25: Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 NOS Toyota, celebrates on the track after winning the NASCAR Nationwide Series Dover 200 at Dover International Speedway on September 25, 2010 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

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King Nationwide Kyle Busch led an amazing 192 laps to set a single season record for wins.

There were only 200 laps in the race!

The Dover 200 will go down in history as the record setting 11th win for King Kyle.  Busch broke out the NOS Toyota to quickly take the lead from teammate Joey Logano, and he would not let it go.  Ryan Newman was the only other guy who sat P1 all day. 

King Kyle now has the top two spots in most wins in a season.  Busch was tied with Sam Ard with 10 in a record that no one thought would be broken.  What makes this record all that more impressive is the fact that Busch isn’t running the full season.

Also, Ard won 10 races in 1983 and Busch didn’t break it until now.  That’s how long it took for someone to even come close to the record.  Imagine if Busch would have run the entire year?

Not only would he probably be the point leader, but he could be going for his 15th win of the season. 

Only 3 cautions slowed the event, and the biggest one was Elliot Sadler getting loose and spinning out.  Drew Herring then had no chance of avoiding the #88 as it slid down the track.  Both were okay. 

Results and more after the JUMP!

Fin Str Car Driver Team Laps Pts Bns Driver Rating Winnings Status Tms Laps
1 2 18 Kyle Busch NOS Toyota 200 195 10 150.0 $46,320 Running 2 192
2 1 20 Joey Logano GameStop Toyota 200 175 5 121.0 $33,400 Running 1 3
3 3 60 Carl Edwards Copart Ford 200 165   124.4 $26,225 Running
4 6 32 Reed Sorenson Dollar General Toyota 200 160   113.2 $30,318 Running
5 9 33 Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick Fan Club Chevy 200 155   111.7 $20,700 Running
6 8 99 Trevor Bayne Out! Pet Care Toyota 200 150   102.6 $26,368 Running
7 5 98 Paul Menard CertainTeed Windows/Menards Ford 200 146   104.8 $18,510 Running
8 12 38 Jason Leffler Great Clips Toyota 200 142   96.5 $24,238 Running
9 7 12 Justin Allgaier Verizon Wireless Dodge 200 138   88.8 $24,293 Running
10 13 1 Ryan Newman Phoenix Construction Chevy 200 139 5 94.5 $18,675 Running 1 5
11 15 6 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. # CitiFinancial Ford 200 130   90.0 $24,243 Running
12 10 66 Steve Wallace 5-hour Energy Toyota 200 127   95.5 $23,118 Running
13 23 11 Brian Scott # Toyota 200 124   83.8 $25,618 Running
14 36 16 Erik Darnell 3M/Post-it Ford 200 121   78.6 $22,893 Running
15 11 15 Michael Annett Toyota 200 118   85.2 $23,668 Running
16 20 62 Brendan Gaughan South Point Hotel & Casino Toyota 200 115   80.7 $22,743 Running
17 4 22 Brad Keselowski Ruby Tuesday Dodge 200 112   95.8 $16,400 Running
18 17 40 Mike Bliss Westerman Companies Chevy 200 109   76.5 $22,618 Running
19 25 01 Mike Wallace Chevy 199 106   69.4 $22,568 Running
20 26 05 Willie Allen 31-W/ALS Association Chevy 198 103   70.4 $23,668 Running
21 27 09 Kelly Bires RAB Racing Ford 197 100   63.8 $22,468 Running
22 41 28 Kenny Wallace Federated Auto Parts Chevy 197 97   42.5 $22,368 Running
23 30 23 Marc Davis WHUR Radio Chevy 197 94   55.4 $22,693 Running
24 40 34 Tony Raines Long John Silver’s Chevy 196 91   59.2 $22,243 Running
25 32 87 Joe Nemechek Chevy 196 88   59.1 $22,643 Running
26 34 70 Mark Green Blue Ox Chevy 196 85   44.0 $22,143 Running
27 33 35 Jason Keller TriStar Motorsports Chevy 196 82   54.1 $22,493 Running
28 43 81 Michael McDowell The Drive Reply App Dodge 194 79   40.6 $22,043 Running
29 19 24 Eric McClure Hefty Odor Block Ford 194 76   37.6 $21,968 Running
30 37 21 Morgan Shepherd Victory In Jesus Chevy 140 73   46.0 $22,218 Suspension
31 16 88 Elliott Sadler Realtree Outfitters Chevy 132 70   67.9 $15,395 Accident
32 21 27 Drew Herring Ford 131 67   51.5 $21,803 Accident
33 38 04 Jeremy Clements Boudreaux’s/ Chevy 122 64   46.4 $15,275 Ignition
34 35 73 Derrike Cope Raging Dodge 108 61   43.3 $15,240 Accident
35 42 7 Danica Patrick Chevy 106 58   38.7 $21,678 Running
36 24 79 Tim Andrews 2nd Chance Race Parts Ford 77 55   53.7 $15,185 Transmission
37 22 90 Danny O’Quinn Jr. D’Hondt-Humphrey Motorsports Chevy 21 52   36.2 $15,165 Brakes
38 14 91 David Gilliland D’Hondt-Humphrey Motorsports Chevy 20 49   50.5 $15,100 Transmission
39 29 10 Josh Wise Braun Racing Toyota 17 46   40.6 $15,075 Transmission
40 31 89 Johnny Chapman Victory in Jesus Chevy 4 43   34.5 $15,020 Brakes
41 39 26 Brian Keselowski K-Automotive Motorsports Dodge 3 40   32.4 $14,995 Oil Pressure
42 18 92 Dennis Setzer K-Automotive Motorsports Dodge 2 37   32.4 $14,955 Handling
43 28 36 Jeff Green TriStar Motorsports Chevy 1 34   30.8 $14,898 Brakes

Even with Keselowski having a poor outing and Carl gaining some ground on him, Keso still has a 320 point lead.  It would take a New York Met style choke for Keso to lose the championship at this point.  With Brad moving to the Blue Deuce next year, we don’t know what his Nationwide plans are for next season but he could return to defend his championship, or we could see Parker Kligerman take over the #22.  Nothing has been rumored as of yet and I’ll keep you posted if anything is announced.

Here’s the battle for the top 30:

28 Keller 35 2,448
29 Richardson 23 2,445
30 Howard 70 2,416
31 Allen 05 2,338
32 McDowell 81 2,309
33 McClure 24 2,198

At this point it would take a really good run by either McDriver or Willie Allen and a rough outing by Keller, Richardson, or Howard to make any changes to the top 30.  The fight may be for 32nd and 33rd, as many rumors of teams in the top 30 shutting down after the season, many outside the top 30 will be trying to put themselves into the 2011 top 30.

As it gets closer to the end of the year, I hope to bring you a silly season list for 2011.  So far we have Trevor Bayne, Brian Scott, Justin Allgaier and many others rumored to be moving to different teams.

Next Saturday we head to Kansas for the 29th race of the 2010 season. 

Join us later in the week for a Preview of the Kansas Lottery 300!  Enjoy!

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PostHeaderIcon Chase Breakdown: Jimmie Johnson is back in the mix

Here is a quick look at how the 12 Chase drivers fared in Race No. 2 of the Chase at Dover International Speedway:

1. Denny Hamlin — Finished 9th: Pegged Dover as the track he just needed to get through, and he did. Now the pressure is really on. If he expects to be good at Kansas, he must prove it. (-)

2. Jimmie Johnson — Finished 1st: Have we not learned anything over the last four years? Whenever it looks like Johnson is down, expect him to end the day in victory lane. (-35 points)

3. Kyle Busch — Finished 6th: He hasn’t been spectacular, but he’s been solid. If he can get on one of his hot streaks, he’ll be dangerous. (-45 points)

4. Kurt Busch — Finished 4th: Lost his cool for a moment when he got caught speeding on pit road. That cost him points, but give him credit for rebounding in a big way. (-59 points)

5. Kevin Harvick — Finished 15th: He’s still in the hunt, but if he’s not going to win a race in the Chase, he’ll need to be in the top five, not top 15. (-65 points)

6. Carl Edwards — Finished 5th: Like Harvick, he’s just sort of hanging around right now. Kansas will be a litmus test for his title hopes. (-73 points)

7. Jeff Burton — Finished 2nd: Lost about 50 points when he ran out of gas at New Hampshire. If he’d been able to make it to the end there, he’d be second in the standings. (-80 points)

8. Jeff Gordon — Finished 11th: More of the same for Gordon, who made a run to the front midway through the race only to fade at the end. (-83 points)

9. Greg Biffle — Finished 19th: Dover was supposed to be a good track for Biffle, so consider this an opportunity lost. He’s in a must-win situation heading to Kansas. (-140 points)

10. Tony Stewart — Finished 21st: Minimized some of the damage of a speeding penalty on pit road. Still, that’s two mistakes in two races, and that’s not going to cut it. (-162 points)

11. Matt Kenseth — Finished 18th: Just playing out the string at this point. Just getting an invitation to the champion’s banquet – only 10 are invited – is the goal now. (-165 points)

12. Clint Bowyer — Finished 25th: It’s all in the hands of the appeal board now. If he gets his 150 points back, he’ll be 85 points down. Not great, but better than where he is now. (-235 points)

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PostHeaderIcon NASCAR Sprint Cup AAA 400 | Dover International Speedway Open Race Thread

DOVER, DE - SEPTEMBER 25: Denny Hamlin (L), driver of the #11 FedEx Express Toyota, yells at Kevin Harvick, driver of the #29 Shell/Pennzoil Chevrolet, in the garage after an incident on track during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway on September 25, 2010 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images for NASCAR)

DOVER, DE – SEPTEMBER 25: Denny Hamlin (L), driver of the #11 FedEx Express Toyota, yells at Kevin Harvick, driver of the #29 Shell/Pennzoil Chevrolet, in the garage after an incident on track during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series AAA 400 at Dover International Speedway on September 25, 2010 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images for NASCAR)

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Hey everyone, sorry I didn’t get any open race threads up yesterday I was called away suddenly and wasn’t near a computer all day and wouldn’t you know it there was some good action at the track yesterday:

  • Kyle Busch wins his 11th Nationwide race this year, that is is some feat for sure. 
  • Austin Dillion wins another in somewhat dominating fashion proving, at least to me, that this cat isn’t in the seat of the #3 truck just because he is the grandson of the truck owner but because he can drive.
  • Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick get into it on the track and in the garage area during practice.  Was it payback on Harvick’s part for ‘cheating’ comments made Friday by Hamlin essentially labeling RCR as a bunch of cheaters after the #33 was found to be outside of NASCAR mandated measurements last week?  Don’t know for sure but it certainly wasn’t denied by anyone at RCR and also prompted Hamlin to Tweet an apology to RCR fans – see prvious post.

All this sure makes good publicity for NASCAR and today’s race - speaking of which you’ll find the line-up after the jump, see you there.


1 48 Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet Lowe’s / Kobalt Tools 155.736 23.116 Leader
2 43 A.J. Allmendinger Ford Insignia HDTV / Best Buy 155.642 23.130 -0.014
3 56 Martin Truex Jr. Toyota NAPA Auto Parts 155.353 23.173 -0.057
4 11 Denny Hamlin Toyota FedEx Express 155.320 23.178 -0.062
5 42 Juan Montoya Chevrolet Target 155.052 23.218 -0.102
6 16 Greg Biffle Ford 3M 155.032 23.221 -0.105
7 1 Jamie McMurray Chevrolet McDonald’s 155.032 23.221 -0.105
8 2 Kurt Busch Dodge Miller Lite 154.825 23.252 -0.136
9 98 Paul Menard Ford Sylvania / Menards 154.766 23.261 -0.145
10 99 Carl Edwards Ford Aflac 154.699 23.271 -0.155
11 18 Kyle Busch Toyota Interstate Batteries 154.619 23.283 -0.167
12 83 Reed Sorenson Toyota Red Bull 154.619 23.283 -0.167
13 39 Ryan Newman Chevrolet Haas Automation 154.593 23.287 -0.171
14 17 Matt Kenseth Ford Crown Royal 154.533 23.296 -0.180
15 24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet DuPont / Law Enforcement Museum 154.520 23.298 -0.182
16 9 Kasey Kahne Ford Budweiser / Stanley 154.414 23.314 -0.198
17 00 David Reutimann Toyota Aaron’s Dream Machine 154.367 23.321 -0.205
18 78 Regan Smith Chevrolet Furniture Row Companies 154.348 23.324 -0.208
19 20 Joey Logano Toyota The Home Depot 154.228 23.342 -0.226
20 82 Scott Speed Toyota Red Bull 154.123 23.358 -0.242
21 77 Sam Hornish Jr. Dodge Mobil 1 154.083 23.364 -0.248
22 19 Elliott Sadler Ford U.S. Air Force 154.037 23.371 -0.255
23 47 Marcos Ambrose Toyota Bush’s Baked Beans / Scott Branded Products 154.017 23.374 -0.258
24 33 Clint Bowyer Chevrolet BB&T 153.997 23.377 -0.261
25 14 Tony Stewart Chevrolet Office Depot / Old Spice 153.741 23.416 -0.300
26 13 Casey Mears Toyota GEICO 153.721 23.419 -0.303
27 31 Jeff Burton Chevrolet Caterpillar 153.682 23.425 -0.309
28 87 Joe Nemechek Toyota 153.662 23.428 -0.312
29 6 David Ragan Ford UPS 153.656 23.429 -0.313
30 34 Travis Kvapil Ford Long John Silver’s 153.322 23.480 -0.364
31 12 Brad Keselowski Dodge Penske Racing 153.302 23.483 -0.367
32 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet National Guard / Amp Energy 153.211 23.497 -0.381
33 29 Kevin Harvick Chevrolet Shell / Pennzoil 153.048 23.522 -0.406
34 09 Bobby Labonte Chevrolet Phoenix Construction 152.990 23.531 -0.415
35 38 David Gilliland Ford Taco Bell 152.957 23.536 -0.420
36 81 J.J. Yeley Dodge Whitney Motorsports 152.944 23.538 -0.422
37 36 Dave Blaney Chevrolet Tommy Baldwin Racing 152.562 23.597 -0.481
38 55 Mike Bliss Toyota Prism Motorsports 152.433 23.617 -0.501
39 71 Landon Cassill Chevrolet TRG Mtrsprts
152.355 23.629 -0.513
40 7 Kevin Conway+* Toyota Extenze 150.301 23.952 -0.836
41 37 Tony Raines+ Ford A&W All American Food 149.701 24.048 -0.932
42 5 Mark Martin+ Chevrolet Delphi / Go D
155.561 23.142 -0.026
43 46 Michael McDowell Dodge Whitney Motorsports 151.796 23.716 -0.600
Did Not Qualify
44 26 Jeff Green Ford Air National Guard 151.675 23.735 -0.619
45 164 Josh Wise Toyota Gunselman Motorsports 150.546 23.913 -0.797
46 66 Ted Musgrave Toyota Prism Motorsports 149.483 24.083 -0.967
+ Set by Owner Points
* Denotes Rookie



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PostHeaderIcon NASCAR Twitter Call

  It’s the 2nd race of the Chase this weekend at the Monster Mile in Dover. After his less then stellar performance last Sunday, Jimmie Johnson will start on the pole with AJ Allmendinger starting P2.

jpmontoya had a pretty good day today, weather is supposed to cool down for tomorrow!!!!

scottspeed So decided to walk instead of drive to dinner tonight.. Was about 2 miles, longer than @Amanda_Speed thought it would be lol lil sweaty

KevinHarvick Good day all around cup car is good…all for 1 and 1 for all!

dennyhamlin sorry all RCR fans.. im not bashing clint, richard or anyone else.. just defending Nascar on this one.. all these teams work damn hard

Regan_Smith_ I’m sorry but watching games on boisies blue field makes me sick to my stomach…. I still hope they win though

Mc_Driver  Broke a sway bar heim in the #NNS race made for a long day. My fun meter is almost pegged. @drivereply sorry about the race. #81#Dover

skiprec this one will be debated for weeks RC has some good points but NASCAR has the right tools in place to know the differnce either way big news

Hoping for a great race Sunday.

 NASCAR Ranting and Raving’s NASCAR Driver Twitter List


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PostHeaderIcon Kyle Busch sets single-season Nationwide victory record

Kyle Busch dominated Saturday’s Nationwide race at Dover to break the single-season record for wins in the Nationwide Series.

Busch tied Sam Ard’s record of 10 races in a season with his win at Bristol and led 192 of the Dover race’s 200 laps. Busch took the lead on lap four from his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Joey Logano and only lost it when Ryan Newman stayed out while the rest of the field pitted.

Despite running only 22 of the 27 races on the Nationwide schedule, the 11 victories have put Busch in third place in the Nationwide standings, 500 points behind Brad Keselowski. Given Busch’s success, had he run the full schedule, it’s all but certain that he would be the points leader.

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PostHeaderIcon Harvick sticks up for Bowyer, tags Hamlin on the track

Kevin Harvick clearly heard the criticism Denny Hamlin leveled Friday at Clint Bowyer and Richard Childress Racing in general, because just a few minutes into Sprint Cup practice Saturday afternoon Harvick gave Hamlin several love taps on the track at Dover International Speedway. The confrontation carried into the garage, where Hamlin and Harvick, Bowyer’s teammate, are parked right next to each other.

The two exchanged words, Harvick getting into Hamlin’s face and things got serious enough for Cup Series director John Darby to get in the middle.

The situation has its roots in the Friday morning media sessions. Bowyer, speaking for the first time since NASCAR slammed him with a 150-point penalty after his race-winning car at New Hampshire failed inspection, claimed his innocence, saying NASCAR was out to get him. An hour or so later, Hamlin said that’s bull, but didn’t stop there.

"You can talk about how small the thing was off and you can really try to say that 60-thousandths didn’t help him perform any better — that is a crock," Hamlin said.

"NASCAR has been very, very lenient I feel like on this car and they’ve given those guys chances," he continued. "It’s not Richmond. I think that they should just be happy that they’re in the Chase at this point. They were warned and they were warned before Richmond. Everyone in the garage knows that. They’re the ones who wanted to press the issue and get all they could to make sure they got in the Chase. They got in it and then they were busted. They kept going with it."

And Hamlin kept going.

"In the garage, everyone has known it for months. It’s not two weeks old. This is something that’s been going on for months. [Bowyer's team has] been warned for a long time, way before Richmond. This is not something that, ‘Oh man, they just told us halfway after Richmond and going into Loudon that our car’s wrong.’ They knew it was wrong way before that, and I felt like they just &mndash; they wanted to get everything they could. What did they have to lose really? You almost can’t fault them for that."

When asked to respond to Hamlin’s accusations, team owner Richard Childress declined.

"I would be bad to say what I really want to say," he said. "Bite your lip."

Hamlin clearly got the worst of Saturday’s exchange with Harvick. The right-rear of Hamlin’s No. 11 car was damaged, costing him about 30 minutes of practice time while his team made repairs.

We’ll see how this plays out going forward, but it’s clear that Hamlin, the points leader, has created an unnecessary distraction en route to trying to win his first Cup title.

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PostHeaderIcon Denny Hamlin unleashes barrage of criticism at Bowyer’s team

And now it gets a bit more interesting in the Clint Bowyer saga. After a performance in which Bowyer appeared to make a rather effective case for being wronged by NASCAR, Denny Hamlin took the stage in the media center to offer a somewhat different opinion:

Some highlights of Hamlin’s diatribe:

"In the garage, everyone has known it for months — it’s not two weeks
old. This is something that’s been going on for months. They’ve [the
No. 33 team] been warned for a long time, way before Richmond. They
knew it was wrong way before [New Hampshire] and I felt like they
wanted to get everything they could. What did they have to lose,
really? You almost can’t fault them for that."

"The car that I had in Atlanta [was] towed all the way in and the tow
truck destroyed the trunk. We never replaced one thing
on the tail of this car and it just went through inspection fine. My
car went through way more destruction than [Bowyer's] did just getting
a simple push and my car is fine."

"I’m not too discouraged with what we ended up with [at Loudon]. But I
know we were the fastest legal car."

Wow. So, yeah — it looks like all this took another step upward. So, how does your opinion change of BowyerGate with Hamlin’s words?

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PostHeaderIcon Live Race Chats This Weekend!

Live Race Chats This Weekend!

Don’t forget NASCAR Ranting and Raving’s Open Race Threads this weekend, including for Sunday’s AAA 400. The regulars are building a nice and non-threatening community. Don’t miss it!

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